Welcome to our greenest facility on The Estate, The Vegetable Garden. Explore our season vegetable garden on-site at The Unbound. A perfect place for a romantic walk, photo session or for garden enthusiasts.

The garden is looked after by Groenhartig who supplies vegetables to surrounding restaurants and cafe’s. Groenhartig also have a vegetable box on subscription which more information can be found on their website.

The Groenhartig way

Our goal is to work with the ecosystem surrounding our gardens. In doing so, we support the health of the land while we grow high-quality produce for our members.

Everything starts with the soil. We believe a healthy living soil breeds healthy plants. Everything we grow stays in our local radius.

Our flowering and edible hedges and wild plants provide shelter and food for insects and other critters, who, in turn, keep our veggies pollinated and our pests under control.

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