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Hidden in the field and right in our wild garden. Four spacious cabin types with bespoke interiors, loads of natural light, and each with unique features like a private hot tub, outdoor pizza oven, sunny decks, or a wood stove.

Field cabins range in size and are suitable for a maximum of 5 persons.


Located right off the central Boardwalk, close to the Restaurant, The Lobby and The Daily. Four spacious suite types, with bespoke interiors, loads of natural light, luxurious bedding, and a sunny deck or rooftop terrace.

Boardwalk suites range in size, and are ideal for a maximum of 2 persons.

The Unbound Village

Located on a seperate property only 700 meters from The Unbound, The Unbound Village is a group of compact wooden villas, floating above the landscape, keeping a safe distance from eachother (about 50 meters) in the wild polder landscape. There are only seven lodges – so don’t be afraid of crowds…

Our location

Discover the Unbound
  • The Boardwalk
  • The Field
  • The Spa
  • Barrel Sauna
  • The Lobby
  • Event space
  • The Daily
  • Organic Vegetable Garden
  • Yoga Pit & Meditation Circle
  • The Beach
  • Playground
  • The Firepit
  • Event Field
  • The Arena
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