Organic gardens
for well-being

The cabins of The Unbound lie alongside a serene pond, organic fruit and vegetables gardens as well as secluded areas and spaces for playing.

Set in nature

Wide open spaces and stunning hideaways, such as secluded yoga islands and a floating sauna, make for an ever-changing scenery. Take a stroll through the white birches, weeping willows and fruit trees. See what’s in bloom and thriving, and uncover produce of the season in the kitchen garden. Use the Unbound Treasure box to pack a picnic, or play a lazy game through the afternoon. Young guests will enjoy the large wild playgrounds, changing with the seasons.


Rejuvenate your mind and body in our wellness garden, with a floating sauna, plunge pool, sun deck, and lakeside showers. Relax with a book beside the water or find secluded meditation spots and the yoga island. Hidden benches, a sitting circle, and outdoor sculptures provide space for you to restore your balance.

Later in the year, when physical distancing measures will be relaxed, our spa will open its doors, offering a range of refreshing treatments.



Our location

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Bound by nature