Seasonal Dishes
and Pure Wines

Not in the cooking mood and feel like being treated to seasonal and local food? Not to worry, we got you. Simply order in or take a seat in our restaurant, right at the heart of The Unbound.

You can either go à la carte or ask for our daily menu created by our uncompromising Swiss chef Ralph Schelling. You might even catch our beloved kitchen staff in the organic garden just outside The Unbound Restaurant selecting some fresh homegrown ingredients.

Have a look at The Unbound Restaurant menu.


Our Wines

For the wine lovers, we have a special treat. We have a pure and focused selection of wines, sourced from small producers in regions such as Verona and Bourgogne. From crisp, to natural and refined. Our wines are sourced from producers who remain in control of their cultivation process in regions like Verona and Bourgogne. Our staff can tell you all about it and help make some important wine-decisions.

Open for Guests-Only

The Unbound Restaurant is open for dinner, for guests who are staying with us. Groups may also book their dinner in a private space such as The Vuurplaats.

• Making a reservation is required and can be done online with the booking tool in the bottom right corner or by giving us a call on + 31 (0) 20 531 22 34.
• The Unbound Restaurant and The Lobby are wheelchair accessible.
• We offer the highest level of service while maintaining physical distancing.

The Unbound Restaurant  interior