Reconnect with nature, body and mind

Surrounded by fruit and vegetable fields, The Unbound’s tranquil setting invites participants to connect with nature, delve deeper into their practice, and unlock their inherent playfulness. Practicing yoga in such a serene setting enhances the overall experience, allowing individuals to deepen their practice and explore their innate curiosity. Being in nature has a way of grounding, which further enhances the benefits of yoga. It provides an opportunity for participants to experience a holistic approach to well-being, finding inner peace and rejuvenating their mind, body, and spirit.

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To cater to individuals’ needs, yogamoksha offers a range of services. 

  • Group classes provide a supportive and inclusive environment where participants can practice alongside others. Whether beginners or experienced practitioners, the classes meet participants where they are and guide them in their practice.


  • For those preferring a more personalized experience, yogamoksha also offers private lessons (for 1-4 people) tailored to individual needs and goals. 


  • Companies hosting events at The Unbound also have the opportunity to book Anna as a skilled yoga teacher to enrich their gathering with a rejuvenating yoga session.


  • Additionally, workshops are hosted to allow participants to delve deeper into specific aspects of yoga or explore complementary practices that enhance overall well-being.



Anna’s love for yoga sparked when she left her hometown in southwest Germany for Berlin in 2015. Five years later, Anna went through a difficult period after moving to Amsterdam. Yoga became her sanctuary, helping her find balance and strength amid life’s chaos. 

Fuelled by the desire to share this transformative practice with others, Anna became a certified yoga teacher—and brought yogamoksha to life. yogamoksha is a yoga experience that embodies her vision of a community where like-minded souls can gather, breathe and flow together. 

With a curious and playful attitude, she invites you to connect with your body, mind and what’s present. Anna’s vinyasa classes are flowy and creative, intertwining traditional practice with modern movement. During her yin classes, she encourages you to fully let go of any tension and dive inward, leaving you feeling lighter. Because of her holistic approach —whatever the class— you will experience both the spiritual and joy that yoga has to offer. 


Yogamoksha is a yoga experience and community based in Amsterdam. Inspired by the transformative potential of yoga, Anna Lendle founded yogamoksha in March 2023—a manifestation of her vision to create a safe space where like-minded individuals can gather, breathe, and flow together. yogamoksha encourages participants to approach yoga with a sense of playfulness and exploration, sparking curiosity and opening doors to new possibilities. It invites participants to deepen their connection to their bodies and the present moment, embracing the sensory aspects of the practice and nurturing a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Anna discovered yoga when she left her hometown in southwest Germany for Berlin in 2015. Yoga became her guiding light during a difficult period after moving to Amsterdam, helping her find solace and reconnect with her body and mind. Driven by the desire to share the transformative potential of yoga with others, Anna completed a 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training at One Yoga in Thailand—and yogamoksha came to life.

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